Very nice somewhat circular thicker plate of quartz (amethyst) that features several prismatic barrel calcite crystals. The largest is front and center, and measures a full 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length. A couple of smaller calcites are found in the back corner and measure 1.5-1.75 inches in length with a lesser calcite at the front left corner. There are a couple of very, very small tiny nicks on the largest calcite and a couple nicks on the terminations of the back calcites but otherwise no damage to the calcite. A couple of saw marks are present on a portion of the amethyst. The sides of the specimen have been cut/polished to a certain degree, especially sized to center the large calcite cluster in the middle of the piece. Price is $500 plus shipping. We recommend shipping by Fedex Ground/Home Delivery in the United States or Priority Mail International for customers outside of the United States.
Origin: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Weight: 14.75 lbs (kg)
Width: 10.2 in Height: 7.5 in Depth: 3.5 in (cm)

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