Very nice heart-shaped amethyst (quartz) plate with numerous calcites from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The piece was intentionally cut into a heart shape, but it features many clear to light yellowish calcite crystals up to two inches (5 cm) in length. The only damage to the calcites is a couple of very trivial termination nicks/rubs - all crystals are complete. A few quartz crystals on the edge of the piece are cleaved but this is typical. The edges of the specimen have been cut and polished. The specimen will need a stand to display optimally. Price is $400.00 plus shipping. We recommend Fedex Ground/Home Delivery shipping in the United States or Priority Mail International shipping outside of the United States.
Origin: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Weight: 9.60 lbs (kg)
Width: 10.5 in Height: 10.5 in Depth: 3.5 in (cm)

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