A highly mineralized Keokuk, Iowa area geode pair that contains a very light brown/grey chalcedony lining. Upon the chalcedony are two separate calcite growths - one of these was cleaved when the geode was opened. The other is undamaged and safely down in the cavity. There is also a speckling of slightly bigger than micro pyrite crystals on the chalcedony - these are slightly larger than the typical Keokuk geode but they can come larger. There are also two sphalerite crystals - one was cleaved when the geode was opened but the other is found in the bottom of the half. Nice combination geode that is more of a reference versus collection specimen given the damage. Collected in Hancock County, Illinois. Price is $30.00 plus shipping.
Origin: Keokuk, Iowa, United States
Weight: 0.94 lbs (kg)
Width: 3.45 in Height: 2.9 in Depth: 1.2 in (cm)

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