A double-geode from the "old" Sheffler Geode Mine south of Wayland, Clark County, Missouri (about 12 miles west of Keokuk, Iowa). One geode is nearly solid quartz while the other is hollow and is lined with clear/slightly yellow-orange quartz. There are also a few small gypsum "selenite" crystals in the bottom of one half. These crystals are between 5-10 millimeters long. This geode was mined in the late 1990s and came from the north end of the pit where one entered the mine if they parked near the old barn. There was some interesting mineralization that came from this area of the mine but the pockets were hit/miss and mineralization quite variable. The geode was opened into two halves with a soil pipe cutter and the edges are not polished. Price for the matching pair is $30.00 plus shipping.
Origin: Keokuk, Iowa, United States
Weight: 2.32 lbs (kg)
Width: 4.4 in Height: 4 in Depth: 1.6 in (cm)

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