Calcite with Jamesonite inclusions - Herja Mine (Kisbanya), Baia Mare (Nagybanya), Maramures Co., Romania: Large cabinet specimen of calcite, most of which has been included with jamesonite causing the darker color. The specimen is a near floater as the only attachment points are on the small edge at back and a small area attached to the whiter calcite. The back side is all calcite with jamesonite inclusions (bottom right picture). Some minor scuffs are seen on the highest relief areas of the specimen and on the edges but no other damage is present. Fine large cabinet specimen from this Romanian location. $200.00
Origin: Herja, Maramures Co., Romania
Weight: 4.00 lbs (kg)
Width: 7.9 in Height: 6.3 in Depth: 1.6 in (cm)

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