A very fine cabinet to borderline large cabinet specimen of these famous siderite after calcite pseudomorphs that were encountered in the mid-2000s from the Gheturi mine, Turt, Maramures Co., Romania. The specimen is crystallized all around with the largest and most dominant crystallization on the top with large former calcite cubes up to 1.6 inches (4 cm) on edge now replaced by siderite. Numerous small cream/white calcite crystals are also present throughout the piece and especially on the back. There is little damage - some minor contacts are present along the edges and a couple of scrapes are present on the small white calcite crystals on the bottom but otherwise this is in great shape. A fine Romanian siderite after calcite from this closed and flooded mine - this particular specimen was collected in 2005. $150 plus shipping.
Origin: Turt, Maramures Co., Romania
Weight: 2.40 lbs (kg)
Width: 5.4 in Height: 4 in Depth: 2.5 in (cm)

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