Geode Gallery, LLC is well-known especially in the South, Midwest, and Great Lakes regions of the country as the geode people and the geode family. We have a reputation for providing quality geodes and minerals at low prices in addition to providing excellent and prompt customer service.  We have been cracking geodes at shows since 1999 and we offer the most varied selection of geodes to crack open anywhere including Keokuk geodes we personally mine.  If you like geodes, our booth is a must visit at shows!  Always look for new specimens as we are constantly mining fresh Keokuk geodes and receiving domestic and imported shipments from overseas.  Please note - all shows below are retail shows but we do sell on a wholesale basis, as well.  If you have a tax ID# or a business, just ask for wholesale pricing when you come to our booth.  We also offer free delivery* (see bottom of page) for all pre-paid orders that we bring to your local show that we attend.

2021 Geode Gallery LLC Current Trade Show Schedule.  Shows listed below have signed contracts in place - other shows will be added once a contract is received.

Springfield, Illinois:  October 2-3:  Orr Building, Illinois State Fairgrounds.  We will be only cracking/selling geodes at this show - no mineral sales unless pre-arranged for delivery to the show site.

Detroit (Warren), Michigan:  October 8-10:  Sports/Expo Center, South Macomb Community College near 12 Mile & Hayes in Warren.  School groups have been cancelled with adjusted show hours on Friday (11-7), Sat-Sun normal hours.  See  NOTE:  For our customers on the western side of Michigan, we have decided to NOT return to the Holland show in mid-September.  Please come and visit us at this show in Warren or at the Chicagoland show in St. Charles, Illinois on Memorial Day weekend.

Houston (Humble), Texas:  November 12-14:  Humble Civic Center, one mile east of US59/I-69 and Will Clayton Parkway interchange on Will Clayton, five miles east of Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).


  *Free Delivery applies to all orders that will safely fit in our truck in addition to our regular show stock/supplies.  "Safely" is defined as not only that it will fit in the truck but also that the order will not result in the truck exceeding our legal GVW (gross vehicle weight) as we fall under U.S. DOT regulations (weigh stations, etc.).  Delivery has to take place at the show site.  Please contact us with questions.